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Wobs v Gauchos 6 Oct lineups: ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Epa! #ARGvAUS #rugby

After the spanking at the hands of the bitches, the Wobs have dragged their battered bodies over to Rosario for the final match of the TRC.  If the Wobs can take it to Los Gauchos and take an unanticipated win then they will finish second in the tournament – a loss could see them finish last with la cuchara de madera.  Here’s the line-up for the Wobs, Barstool style:

  1. Slips
  2. Tafro
  3. The Penalty Magnet
  4. Bruiser Mastino
  5. Derek Zoolander
  6. BFU
  7. Whoops
  8. Shaft
  9. Fanga
  10. Cold Gold
  11. Tattooed Energizer Bunny
  12. Slippery
  13. Taps
  14. Honey Badger
  15. Mikey Mike

    The Spare Parts Bin is a 5-2 split as follows:

  16. Milli
  17. Fat Cat
  18. Daredevil
  19. Unabomber
  20. Gillfer
  21. Face Masseur
  22. Shippsanity

Both Honey Badger and Taps on debut – the Refs can’t wait to see the Badge open up a can of whoop arse on the Gauchos.

Los Gauchos have brought a bunch of blokes that we still have never heard of.  Honestly you could put these blokes in a line-up with the Spice Girls and we wouldn’t be able to pick them out.  Here’s their line-up:

  1. Dr RoRo
  2. El Gordo
  3. Figaro
  4. Labor
  5. Tablón
  6. Mr Hair
  7. Sid
  8. Lobotomy
  9. Cdr Koenig
  10. Just Juan Guy
  11. Ho
  12. Chile
  13. The German
  14. El Presidenté Gonzalo
  15. Speedy

    And in las piezas de repuesto:

  16. Sonny Bill
  17. Yet Another Juan
  18. Da Vinci
  19. DiCaprio
  20. Chicken Choker
  21. El Sucio
  22. He’s Hoff

On the Card Table this week to call the game we’ll have D-Rex and Steve, who has spent the week in recovery from hangover.  The game is at a very uncharitable hour – kick off is 7am Sunday 7 Oct for us! Join us on YouCommentate at 10am Sydney time / 7am Singapore for LIVE commentary, Barstool Style.  Follow us on Twitter for an alert when we are live.

And for our Argentine readers —

En la tarjeta esta semana llamar el juego tendremos D-Rex y Steve, que ha pasado la semana en la recuperación de la resaca de la tabla. El juego está a una hora muy incompatibles – kick off es 7 el domingo 7 Oct para nosotros! Únase a nosotros en YouCommentate en 10 hora de Sydney / 7 Singapur para comentarios en directo, Barstool Estilo. Síguenos en Twitter para una alerta cuando estamos vivos.

Dos cervezas por favor!

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Most popular Aussie alt commentary team on earth! LIVE fr kickoff on YouCommentate.com #AUSvARG #Rugby #BarstoolStyle

Listen to the Barstool Refs as they call the Wobs v Los Gauchos Battle for El Costa del Oro LIVE and ONLINE tonight. Pick up the commentary from kick-off on YouCommentate.com, or join us at the spiritual home of Singapore rugby at the Prince of Wales, 51 Boat Quay.

Turn down the boring middle-aged washed up blokes on TV and turn up the Refs for REAL rugby insight – no knowledge, all opinion! Olé!

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Bring on Los Gauchos! Andele Andele, Arriba! #AUSvARG #RugbyUnited #BarstoolStyle #TRC #Wallabies

As the old cliché goes, it was a game of two halves  The first half at the City Harvest Church Donation Bowl in Perthfontein was 40 minutes of sheer dire drudgery.  Horrible rugby.  The kind that sends kids over to the AFL.  The second half by the Wobs was heroic, titanic, relentless!  They lost yet another captain but pressed on and, in the end, the good guys won. Five wins on the trot against the Meateaters and now we can all agree well and truly that the Boks are our bitches.

So onto Los Gauchos and this weekend at the Munch Munch Mee Goreng Stadia on El Costa de Oro.  The Refs will be calling the action live, Barstool Style, from the Prince of Wales so get on down and say hello for real insight into the game.  If you’re out of town, listen in from kick-off on YouCommentate.com.   Follow us on Twitter for an alert when we are live.

What to expect?  Check this out – if this is how they teach the boys, then expect mucho shoulder charges!  ¡Ándele! ¡Ándele! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Epa! ¡Epa! ¡Epa! Yeehaw!

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Line-ups for Bledisloe 25 Aug: Cuzzy Bros v Wobbly Wobs #rugbyunited #NZLvAUS #chilionthestick #barstoolstyle

This week the Wobbly Wobs go straight to the heart of the beast!  They are taking on the Cuzzy Bros at their fortress, Proton Park in Auckland (previously known as “Eden” Park).  The Cuzzy Bros last lost at Proton Park eighteen years ago, when Neanderthals were still walking the earth in places other than New Zealand.

The Wobs are seeking redemption and so have gone to the man you want in these situations – Quade Cooper!  Bring it on.  Here’s the Wobs line-up:

  1. Fat Cat
  2. Saudi
  3. Benny A
  4. The Big Fucking Unit
  5. Sharpedo
  6. Daredevil
  7. Whoops
  8. Unabomber
  9. Dirty
  10. Mighty Mouse
  11. Tattooed Energizer Bunny (or Bunny)
  12. Obama
  13. Horné
  14. Wolfman
  15. Two DadsThe bench is yet to be confirmed but will likely be as follows:
  16. Milli
  17. Slips
  18. The Mattress
  19. Shaft
  20. Gilfer
  21. Fanga
  22. Vanilli

And the Cuzzy Bros have one forced change – Splinters is off with an RSI injury in his left hand.  Here’s their line-up:

  1. Sonny
  2. His Mum Can’t Spell Kevin
  3. Weiner
  4. Big Cheese
  5. The Only Whitelock Good Enough
  6. Hunga
  7. Cheat
  8. Can’t
  9. Wants To Be Willie
  10. Dodgy Groin
  11. Low Gear
  12. Dollar Bill
  13. Grandma’a
  14. Two Girls Names
  15. He Who Needs No NicknameAnd on the bench:
  16. Tramp
  17. Weiner
  18. Who The Fuck Is This Guy?
  19. Vicey Versey
  20. Fat Arse
  21. Gollum’s Double
  22. Just Another Smith

There’s a substitution at the Card Table this week!  D-Rex takes over from the Übercoach who needs a Bex and a good lie down after last weekend’s borefest – thank you Alain Rolland.  If you’re in Singapore, come on down to the Prince of Wales at 51 Boat Quay for the Chicken Dance and the full Bled experience.  For those elsewhere, join us on YouCommentate at 5.30pm Sydney time / 3.30 Singapore for LIVE commentary, Barstool style.

Go you good things!

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Wallabies line-up for Bledisloe #BarstoolStyle #RugbyUnited

Mr Lee, the Übercoach and Steve are pumped and primed for the big day on Saturday when the reigning Tri-Nations champs, the Wallabies, take on the massively over-rated Cuzzy Bros!

Wobs’ line-up looks strong:

  1. Fat Cat
  2. Tafro
  3. Keps
  4. T-Money
  5. Sharpie
  6. Daredevil
  7. Human Protein Bar (or HPB, or PB)
  8. Unabomber
  9. Dirty
  10. Obama
  11. Tattooed Energizer Bunny (or Bunny)
  12. Vanilli
  13. Horné
  14. Two Dads
  15. Cold Gold KB

    And on the bench:

  16. Saudi
  17. Slips
  18. The Mattress
  19. Shaft
  20. Whoops
  21. Fanga
  22. Wolfman

Join us on YouCommentate at 7.30pm Sydney time for LIVE commentary, Barstool syle!

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Attention Fans of the Barstool Refs: the enemy is in our midst! #rugbyunited

Yesterday the great Jedi, master of Alternative Rugby Commentary, announced the details of his Tour for the Rugby Championship with a damn, damn good video. Check it out – he’s visiting Singapore, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney with his unique style and band of merry men to bring the Blackness and terrorize Wallaby fans.

On 18 August, he’ll be in Singapore calling the Bledisloe Cup match from the Exchange in Asia Square. Fans of the Cuzzy Bros, head there! You’ll enjoy it there, and we’ll enjoy you being there.

Fans of all that is great, good, green and gold should join us at the Prince of Wales, 51 Boat Quay, where we’ll be calling the same game. We are unapologetically one-eyed – those looking for balanced and temperate commentary of the game will quickly realise they are in the wrong fucking place.

Those of you listening online at YouCommentate, please tell your friends! Barstool Refs will be live and firing 15 minutes before game time, from about 5.20pm local time. BOOYAH!

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@pocockdavid carries on the good work on Q&A #qanda #greatbloke

The Thinking Man’s Rugby Player put in his usual full-match effort on Q&A – for this bloke, life is about more than rugby and Playstation!  Disappointed they didn’t ask him about music ..

If you missed the episode it you can catch a replay online here.  Great to have this guy representing the Wallabies.

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Who got the most caps for the Australian Schools XV between 1973-2011?

One for the trivia buffs … a few names here to keep an eye on as emerging Wallabies for the years to come!

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Farewell Stirlo – Thanks for the memories!

Great post on http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com – check out the video they’ve posted of highlights from the career of the old warhorse.  What a legend.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jlkOGBsu6U%5D
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Look what we found in the Time Capsule!

We stumbled across this report from Phil Wilkins from back in ’93 about the the Australian Schools XV team before the schoolboy rugby international between Australia and New Zealand at the International Stadium in Rotorua.

Notable for who didn’t make the team!  It illustrates how poor the Schools teams can be for predicting future Wallabies ..

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