Who Are We

The Barstool Refs are the most popular alternative Australian rugby commentary team on earth. We’re based in Singapore at the Prince of Wales, the spiritual home of Singapore rugby, 51 Boat Quay – come on down and join us!

To listen to our commentary, hit up YouCommentate at game time and look for our audio stream.

Follow us on Twitter and you’ll get tweets whenever we’re live.  Go on, you know you want to.

Waddya wanna be, a Walla Wallaby!


Steve’s rugby career ended in the dusty suburbs of Sydney many moons ago.  He knows bugger all about rugby but doesn’t let that stop him from expressing opinions.  With these qualifications, he could be an international rugby ref, but he’d rather be a commentator.

Follow Steve on Twitter for more knowledge-free rugby chat.

Mr Lee

Hailing from the rugby-mad suburbs of Detroit, Mr Lee’s exposure to the gentlemen’s sport was honed in the swampy bogs of South East Asia. Providing colour commentary and observations about South African players’ criminal records, he adds his own spin and soothing vocal tones.

No Twitter, just bitter.


A veritable tackle machine, D-Rex reckons the easiest way to simplyfy the breakdown laws (16 & 17) of rugby is to do away with the ball. While his playing career is not quite over, his win-loss record makes the Waratahs look good. Winning ugly? He’s just ugly.

He’s never heard of Twitter …


Ken is a serious rugby pro with an international rugby career spanning three continents. Never quite learned the rules but that doesn’t stop him telling the ref how to do his job from on or off the pitch.

Follow Ken on Twitter and he might tell you how to do your job as well.


Relatively clueless when it comes to rugby, thinks anyone earning a penalty against Australia is a cheat, and so is the f*cking ref.  Touched the ball once when representing Vietnam at the Bangkok 7s – not even the Vietnamese trusted his knowledge of the game.  Looking forward to showing his all round sporting pedigree when the Barstool Refs expand their commentary to a real sports like curling and rhythmic gymnastics.

Follow Taffy on Twitter.  Who knows what might happen.

The Übercoach

Following a resurgence on the pitch in the late 90’s playing in the rugged Heineken Cup and then international appearances for Australia, Wales & France in Hong Kong, Übercoach turned his hand to coaching. Stringing together six undefeated seasons, his greatness appears to know no bounds.

You can’t follow him on Twitter.  Or anywhere else.  Does he even exist?


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