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Hey fans!

Its been awhile.  We passed out  in the bar and woke up dreaming that the Wallabies were made into French toast, the Italians nearly put one on us and we just scraped in past the Boyos. But, we did manage to screw over the Soapdodgers so it wasn’t all bad.

Eh?  What did you say?

That really happened?


Sorry for the radio silence over the course of the November internationals!  Timezones and travel plans conspired against us.  The Barstool Refs will be back bigger than ever in 2013, starting with the blockbuster Reds v Brumbs match on Sat 16 Feb.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for updates.

In the meantime!  Our hosts over at YouCommentate have been beavering away with an overhaul to their website, and it looks awesome – check it out if you haven’t been there already.  You, dear listener, can now Boost your favourite commentators!  It means when you log into YouCommentate you’ll get the bestest new commentary from your fave commentators.

Get over to YouCommentate, sign in and give us a Boost.  Go on – you know you want to!


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