Epic Bled. #AUSvNZL #Bledisloe #BarstoolStyle

That Bledisloe was awesome – great old-school, arm-wrestle rugby with both scrambling defence and offence.

The Wobs really took it to the Cuzzy Bros – some of the new guys injected over the last couple games have really breathed new life into the Wallabies (we could call out the Honey Badger, but he don’t give a shit).  Not only did the Wobs spoil the Cuzzy Bros run at the world record for consecutive wins, they also kept the Cuzzy Bros try-less for the first time since August 2004.

Full credit as well to Richie McCaw – like every Wob fan, we love to hate his cheating ways, but the Refs have huge respect for his attempt to rally the ABs and win the game at the death.  What a champion of the sport.

Enjoy it again!  Listen to the Barstool Refs calling it as we saw it on our YouCommentate channel here.

Ah yes, now onto November, the time of the year when all the first tier teams head up into the northern hemisphere and give them a good bashing!  The Refs will be live and calling the games, but maybe not all of them – we’ll announce plans here soon.

Go Wobs!

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