Wobs v Cuzzy Bros 20 Oct lineups #BarstoolStyle #rugby #AUSvNZD

Tomorrow night!  The mighty Wobbly Wobs take to the Field of Dreams in Brisbanal in search of a repeat of the famous victory last year over the Cuzzy Bros.  Which team was the last to beat the Bros?  That’s right – the Wobs.  Where did they do it?  That’s right – Brisbanal.  Be afraid, Bros.

Here’s the line-up for the Wobs, Barstool style:

  1. Fat Cat
  2. Tafro
  3. Slips
  4. Big Fucking Unit
  5. Derek Zoolander
  6. Unabomber
  7. Whoops
  8. Cliffy
  9. Fanga
  10. Cold Gold
  11. Two Dads
  12. Slippery
  13. Taps
  14. Honey Badger
  15. Mikey Mike

    The Spare Parts Bin is a 5-2 split as follows:

  16. Ewok
  17. Keps
  18. Bruiser Mastino
  19. Daredevil
  20. Gillfer
  21. Face Masseur
  22. Wolfman

This match represents Zoolander’s farewell on Aus soil before the Farewell Tour That Never Ends departs for Europe on a four-stop visit — rumour has it that the entire Wobs team have shaved their heads in tribute.

And the Cuzzy Bros once again have the luxury of picking the same team.  Must be fucking boring to be a Bros supporter – same team, week in, week out ..

  1. Splinters
  2. Mum Can’t Spell Kevin
  3. Twinkle Toes
  4. Who The Fuck Is That Guy?
  5. The Only Whitelock Good Enough
  6. Hunga
  7. Cheat
  8. Can’t
  9. Willie Wanna Be
  10. Maid of Honor
  11. Low Gear
  12. Grandma’a
  13. Wakey Wakey
  14. Two Girls Names
  15. He Who Needs No Nickname

    And the Spares:

  16. Tramp
  17. Weiner
  18. Big Cheese
  19. Vicey Versey
  20. Fat Arse
  21. Gollum’s Double
  22. Just Another Smith

If you’re in Singapore, come on down to the Prince of Wales at 51 Boat Quay for the full Barstool experience.  For those elsewhere, join us on YouCommentate at 9pm Sydney time / 6pm Singapore for LIVE commentary, Barstool Style.  Follow us on Twitter for an alert when we are live.

Whaddya wanna be!  Remember this?

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