Heroic Wobs performance in Rosario. See you in two weeks Cuzzy Bros! #ARGvAUS #AUSvNZD

A patched up team of battered, bruised and jet-lagged Wobs took on the lasers and the Gauchos in Roasrio, and came out on top. Cold Gold and Whoops had blinders, and the Badge enjoyed an admirable debut. Nice way to end the inaugural Rugby Championship!  Although everyone finished a long way behind the Cuzzy Bros, given their horrific injuries the Wobs should be satisfied.

The Refs enjoyed the game from a secret lair in suburban Swingapore.  It was family day and the call was much more lucid than other recent examples!  Catch it again here on YouCommentate.

The Wobs (and the Refs) now enjoy a week off after a long and emotional tournament before reconvening for the third Bled against the Cuzzy Bros on Sat 20 October.  The Wobs are burning for redemotion and they have a helluva chance – a win in Brisvegas will spoil the Cuzzy Bros pursuit of the world record for consecutive international wins.

If you’re in Singapore, come on down to the Prince of Wales at 51 Boat Quay for the full Barstool experience.   If you’re elsewhere, the  Refs will be calling all the action, LIVE on YouCommentate, Barstool Style.  Follow us on Twitter for details as and when they firm up.

You don’t scare us …

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