That was horrific. Bring on Los Gauchos. #RSAvAUS #ARGvAUS #rugby

Well that was pretty damn horrific.  The Wobs were clearly outclassed by their bitches, the Meateaters, and finished the game with 14 players as a result of a series of major injuries to key players.  Damn Meateaters.  So that means the Wobs have won five of the last six matches against them – they’re still our bitches.

But if you thought the Wobs looked a bit ropey, you should have heard our commentary!  On reflection, starting festivities at 4pm in anticipation of starting commentary for the game at 11pm was ambitious.  The stream is available here – thankfully it cut off after 26 minutes, due to network issues.  We were so ripped we didn’t even notice.

So new week, new challenges for our Wobs.  They’ll be in unfamiliar territory, up against Los Gauchos in Rosario – the Wobs are struggling to field 22 fit blokes for what should be an epic match.  The  Refs will be calling all the action, LIVE on YouCommentate from an as-yet-undetermined secret location somewhere in Singapore, Barstool Style.  Follow us on Twitter for details as and when they firm up.


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