“Wallabies are destroying me!” Said the Boks, 29 Sep in Pretoria #RSAvAUS #Rugby

Giddyup Wobs fans — time for #ComeAtMeBro, Round 2!

Yes indeedy, the Barstool Refs will be back tomorrow for the mouth-watering clash between the Wobs and their bitches, the Meateaters.  This week’s match will be in Pretoria, high up in Meateater homeland and it promises to be an absolute cracker.  The Meateaters have named a young and aggressive team — dammit we hate it when they do something sensible.  The Wobs are debuting Cold Gold KB at flyhalf, and KB’s been packing away an extra burger or two this week in preparation.  We’re looking for an exciting, spite- and try-filled match!

On the Card Table this week to call the game we’ll have Steve, D-Rex and Mr Ley, calling the game from a loungeroom somewhere in the Singapore burbs. We’d love to have you over to join us but three blokes on a couch is plenty squeezy already.  Join us for the call LIVE on YouCommentate at 11pm Swingapore time / 1am Sydney time on Sunday morning for you hard-core Barstool fans!

Follow us on Twitter for an alert when we are live.  And while we’re at it, LIKE us on Facebook — its good to be loved!

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