Los Gauchos. Definitely better than the Meateaters. #AUSvARG #RSAvAUS #TRC #RugbyUnited

Well I think we can all agree that Los Gauchos deserve their spot in the Rugby Championship – they put on a much better show than the Meateaters did the week prior against the Wobblies!  And the Gauchos put on better BBQs.

The Wobs stuck to the game plan which delivered success the week before – they played the crappiest, most boring rugby they could muster for the first half, then once the opponents were nearly unconscious with lassitude they sprung some quick scores to sneak away with a win.  As pretty much every single Australian commentator and Wallaby player has said since the final hooter, “a win’s a win”.  Robbie Deans, what a genius!

So we head into a break in the Rugby Champs with the next weekend off.  The Wobs then embark on the tour from hell, with stops in Pretoria and Rosario, where we are pretty sure they’ll meet mad-as-hell teams intent on winning in front of their home fans.  Should be fun!

The Refs will be calling all the action for both games in an as-yet-undetermined secret location somewhere in Singapore, Barstool Style.  Follow us on Twitter for details as and when they firm up.

Waddya wanna be!


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