Ouch. #NZLvAUS #TRC #BarstoolStyle

Less said the better.  The only positive we can draw from that difficult day yesterday is that we don’t need to play the All Blacks again in the Rugby Championship.

Onwards and upwards!  In two weeks, the mighty Wobbly Wobs will be taking on the Meateaters in Perthfontein.  The Barstool Refs will be calling the action LIVE from the Prince of Wales, 51 Boat Quay, Singapore – come on down and join us!  For those outside Singapore, you can listen live on YouCommentate.  Bring it on.

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2 thoughts on “Ouch. #NZLvAUS #TRC #BarstoolStyle

  1. Garth Hobson says:

    You said it all. The less said about that effort and the one before that and the one before that… well, let’s not say anything!

    Do not forget the AB’s have a bunch of new players or players who played so well this year that they pushed out other players and yet they play like they have been together for ages. We keep pushing out some hacks who do not deserve to be there and regularly are mindless, generations y’ers with no fortitude. We come across as a bunch of prima donna’s who cannot take it to the next level and look set to waste the talents of wonderful players like Pocock, Genia and others who with the right support could challenge at #1.

    That said, I think they could end up being 2nd in the inaugural Rugby Championship, Sth Africa 3rd and Argentina learning all the time and coming up with the occassional upset.

    Play well and the money and accolades will roll-in young Wobblies. Do not put the cart before the horse!

    • Fully agree! The issue with the Wobs is that Aussie rugby lacks the structures necessary to nurture the deeper talent. Historically we rely on natural ability, which is great when everyone is fit. The professional era, with long, hard seasons, shows up the limits of that approach.
      There’s definitely a big gap between the Cuzzy Bros and the Wobs, but it doesn’t mean we’re rubbish. It will be a good tough fight for second in the TRC. We’ll regroup and stick it to the Meateaters and the Gauchos!

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