Line-ups for Bledisloe 25 Aug: Cuzzy Bros v Wobbly Wobs #rugbyunited #NZLvAUS #chilionthestick #barstoolstyle

This week the Wobbly Wobs go straight to the heart of the beast!  They are taking on the Cuzzy Bros at their fortress, Proton Park in Auckland (previously known as “Eden” Park).  The Cuzzy Bros last lost at Proton Park eighteen years ago, when Neanderthals were still walking the earth in places other than New Zealand.

The Wobs are seeking redemption and so have gone to the man you want in these situations – Quade Cooper!  Bring it on.  Here’s the Wobs line-up:

  1. Fat Cat
  2. Saudi
  3. Benny A
  4. The Big Fucking Unit
  5. Sharpedo
  6. Daredevil
  7. Whoops
  8. Unabomber
  9. Dirty
  10. Mighty Mouse
  11. Tattooed Energizer Bunny (or Bunny)
  12. Obama
  13. Horné
  14. Wolfman
  15. Two DadsThe bench is yet to be confirmed but will likely be as follows:
  16. Milli
  17. Slips
  18. The Mattress
  19. Shaft
  20. Gilfer
  21. Fanga
  22. Vanilli

And the Cuzzy Bros have one forced change – Splinters is off with an RSI injury in his left hand.  Here’s their line-up:

  1. Sonny
  2. His Mum Can’t Spell Kevin
  3. Weiner
  4. Big Cheese
  5. The Only Whitelock Good Enough
  6. Hunga
  7. Cheat
  8. Can’t
  9. Wants To Be Willie
  10. Dodgy Groin
  11. Low Gear
  12. Dollar Bill
  13. Grandma’a
  14. Two Girls Names
  15. He Who Needs No NicknameAnd on the bench:
  16. Tramp
  17. Weiner
  18. Who The Fuck Is This Guy?
  19. Vicey Versey
  20. Fat Arse
  21. Gollum’s Double
  22. Just Another Smith

There’s a substitution at the Card Table this week!  D-Rex takes over from the Übercoach who needs a Bex and a good lie down after last weekend’s borefest – thank you Alain Rolland.  If you’re in Singapore, come on down to the Prince of Wales at 51 Boat Quay for the Chicken Dance and the full Bled experience.  For those elsewhere, join us on YouCommentate at 5.30pm Sydney time / 3.30 Singapore for LIVE commentary, Barstool style.

Go you good things!

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