Wallabies line-up for Bledisloe #BarstoolStyle #RugbyUnited

Mr Lee, the Übercoach and Steve are pumped and primed for the big day on Saturday when the reigning Tri-Nations champs, the Wallabies, take on the massively over-rated Cuzzy Bros!

Wobs’ line-up looks strong:

  1. Fat Cat
  2. Tafro
  3. Keps
  4. T-Money
  5. Sharpie
  6. Daredevil
  7. Human Protein Bar (or HPB, or PB)
  8. Unabomber
  9. Dirty
  10. Obama
  11. Tattooed Energizer Bunny (or Bunny)
  12. Vanilli
  13. Horné
  14. Two Dads
  15. Cold Gold KB

    And on the bench:

  16. Saudi
  17. Slips
  18. The Mattress
  19. Shaft
  20. Whoops
  21. Fanga
  22. Wolfman

Join us on YouCommentate at 7.30pm Sydney time for LIVE commentary, Barstool syle!

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