Attention Fans of the Barstool Refs: the enemy is in our midst! #rugbyunited

Yesterday the great Jedi, master of Alternative Rugby Commentary, announced the details of his Tour for the Rugby Championship with a damn, damn good video. Check it out – he’s visiting Singapore, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney with his unique style and band of merry men to bring the Blackness and terrorize Wallaby fans.

On 18 August, he’ll be in Singapore calling the Bledisloe Cup match from the Exchange in Asia Square. Fans of the Cuzzy Bros, head there! You’ll enjoy it there, and we’ll enjoy you being there.

Fans of all that is great, good, green and gold should join us at the Prince of Wales, 51 Boat Quay, where we’ll be calling the same game. We are unapologetically one-eyed – those looking for balanced and temperate commentary of the game will quickly realise they are in the wrong fucking place.

Those of you listening online at YouCommentate, please tell your friends! Barstool Refs will be live and firing 15 minutes before game time, from about 5.20pm local time. BOOYAH!

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